Monday, 27 April 2015

Few Avoidable Wedding Rules

Here I have covered a few avoidable wedding rules.

Weekend is the perfect day to have a wedding

Usually most people will tell you that you should have your wedding on a weekend because it is convenient for your guests as it is a holiday but if you want to have a weekday wedding trust me it is absolutely fine. Sometimes it happens that the couple want a particular venue for their marriage and thus they have to agree for maybe a Monday or a Friday etc. Just keep in mind that the people that love you will always find a way to be there without wanting you to change your plans or dream venue.

Children are a must at the wedding

It comes to children and your wedding day; you do not have to be too emotional about this rule. It is nice to have children at your wedding but if someone tells you that it’s a must to have them they are wrong. Usually couples do not bring their children along in any case. Plus at times weddings can become boring for the children so if you are not comfortable having children just mention adults only on your invitation.

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